I maintain a regularly updated page consisting of updates and changes to the server, interface, or menu options. All of this will be under the Developments page. It is a good idea to keep an eye on it in order to keep up with changes. There may be frequent changes with the server early on, and changes will be posted here faster than the main pages will be updated.

Account creation

In order to create an account, enter in "ssh -p 3333" into your terminal. The password is newacc. If you are on windows using putty, use for host, and 3333 for port. It is worth noting that when you type passwords here, you won't see "*******" print to your screen - it will stay blank. It is still accepting input, just hit <enter> when you are done. Your username MUST begin with a lowercase letter. You will be disconnected after your username is chosen, and after you have successfully (or unsuccessfully) created your password. If you are unsuccessful creating your account or changing your password, log in and try again. Anyone who was playing when your account was created will need to reload their game for you to be able to watch it.

Logging in

For Linux/MacOS, type "ssh -p 3333" into your terminal. For windows users, you should download Putty. Within Putty, select "ssh" and for Host, you can put in Port you should set to 3333. To select your options, type the number within brackets (and not the brackets). If you are ever confused what to do at a menu or need a description of the available options, you can always use "?" for a built-in help menu.


To play a game, select “play” and choose a game. Cataclysm Experimental is the regularly-updated experimental build oc CDDA, and Stable is 0.E. Cataclysm-Group is Experimental except that everyone who watches your game also has full control over it. This can be used to allow shared sessions. Cataclysm-Multiplayer is shared-world play. In this mode you can create a world and other people can play on it at once. You can NOT see their characters, but if you are both in different reality bubbles, you can drop items, clear towns, burn bases, etc. Things get weird when two or more players overlap reality bubbles (get too close in game at the same time). Best to try to avoid it. Cataclysm group / multiplayer have are described in more detail in the Developments page.


To watch someone play, select the option at the prompt. Their username will show on the left, and the game in parentheses on the right. If their username is followed by a -multiplayer, they are playing CDDA multiplayer. Just type the full string to view their session. If the game they are playing is (cataclysm-group), they are playing the group game. When you watch that game, you will also have control over their session. Generally players communicate through discord / mumble before doing this to minimize confusion. To exit from watching, just kill your session (close the window). You can log in more than once to watch several people and play.


You can voice chat on Discord or Mumble. You can connect to the mumble server at port 50057 for VOIP. The password to join is "watchcdda". In order to connect, you will need to install a mumble client for your device. Once you enter in the credentials, you will be connected to the server and able to talk to other players. Please be reasonable on voice/text chat. I would prefer not to moderate it, but will if necessary. Connection details will look like this: